What is The Beer Connect?

What is The Beer Connect?

We are an awesome new way to buy craft beer online directly from the brewery and have it shipped to your doorstep. The Beer Connect is the only place where you can search the top craft breweries and then buy straight from them!

Why is that good?

Everything we sell is fresh, stored exactly as the brewer wants it to be. The beer you order is sent directly to you from the brewery it was made at. You can’t get fresher craft beer!

A lot of beer expires. Once sold and consumed after the expiration date, it creates a bad experience and does not allow you to enjoy the craft beer the way the brewery intended it to be.

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The Problem:

Craft beer selection is very limited due to distribution and shelf space constraints.

Add in the fact that the quality of a beer can be compromised due to improper storage; the beer is no longer how the brewer intended. Often times, products may also be sold past their expiration date because nobody is holding retail locations accountable.

Breweries sell their beer to distributors at a discounted rate, then distributors sell it to the retailer with an increase tacked on. The retailer then turns around and tacks on another increase resulting in “bottle bloat”. In the end, the customer pays more, and the distributor and the retailer profit more.

Lastly, when doing trades on certain platforms, you might not get your portion of the trade (I think we can all account for this happening to us at least once) nor can we account for where it’s going and if it will be confiscated.

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Our Solution:

Imagine, being able to virtually walk in to every craft brewery you love and order the beer right from them. You don’t have to worry if its been sitting in a distribution warehouse, on a shelf, or if it’s expired.

As of right now there are 25 states that allow direct to consumer shipments of Craft Beer directly from the Brewery. Now that legislation has finally started to acknowledge Craft Breweries as they do Wineries, we can now start getting amazing Craft Beer sent right to our doorstep!

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Our Impact:

The Beer Connect allows the money to stay where it belongs, in the hands of the hard working people who create the craft beers that we know and love, rather than going to the corporate monster. This platform is truly creating a level playing field for Craft Breweries and Big Beer. We are allowing consumers to talk with their dollars and where they spend them, giving the ability to buy from who they want, when they want, and not from those who have the most money and/or is in the pocket of larger distribution companies.