Helm’s Brewing: Steering your craft beer consumption in the right direction

Helm’s Brewing: Steering your craft beer consumption in the right direction

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale – a tale of an awesome trip,  about a San Diego brewery traversing waters like a great ship. This isn’t about a group of cast-aways and a desert island, it’s about a man, his father and the shipyards of San Diego. Matt Johnson, GM of Helm’s Brewing helped turn his dad’s love of brewing in their backyard into reality over three years ago. With roots anchored in the Navy, Merchant Marine and shipyards of San Diego, four friends set their sights on creating great craft beer for their community.

Upon stepping into their tasting quarters in San Diego’s Kearny Mesa neighborhood, you’ll immediately get the sense that your among a crew of welcoming craft beer lovers. Whether they’re enjoying a brew crafted from Helm’s Brewing’s old world recipes such as a 15th century gose or one of their more innovative recipes such as their Wicked As Sin – a West Coast IPA – they know that Buy Helm’s Beer Online pours their dedication to the trade into each glass. For the beer enthusiast that would like to join the Helmsman Club, you’ll get your very own mug, recognition upon the bulkhead and be privy to experimental brews and exclusive brews all your own. Whether this floats your boat or not, Matt and his crew encourage all those that step aboard to “Take the Helm” – as it pertains to your individual beer palate. As an example, one of the blends created by a Helmsman Club member is Hopuccino – a combination of Beeruccino and Hop the RIPA. When asked if anyone has ever done a tap handle suicide (essentially a pull from each tap) Matt replied “Yes, but I don’t recommend it.”

Aside from their encouragement to try new beer creations, Helm’s Brewing Co. has a long standing tradition of giving back. Whether it’s holding events for prostate health, supporting local artists, honoring service members with a commemorative brew or participating in events to benefit scholarship programs Helm’s is an outstanding ally of San Diego. Did you know that part of their label artwork contains a map of San Diego and it’s latitude and longitude coordinates?

Don’t get lost in a sea of bad beer, make the easy voyage to Helm’s, cast your anchor and enjoy yourself.

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