Shipping Beer

Need Help Shipping Beer? We've got your back!

How we can help you ship beer

We understand all of the work that you went through to create your beer! Now let us help to protect it and get it where it needs to be on time, and as fresh as possible. We can ship ship beer for cheaper than most because of the volume we do! 

Not only do we have a solution for breweries to expand their distribution, we have relationships and accounts with the countries top refrigerated shipping companies. Our goal here at The Beer Connect is to help craft breweries in any way we can to expand the category and raise awareness! 

When we are shipping beer for our brewery partner’s we take care of all of their worries. From the communication with the shipping companies, to speaking with the receivers and setting the appointments to ensure a smooth shipping process. 

If you’ve ever had to ship beer in the past, you know it can be a pain. Let us take on the pain, so you can continue to do what you came into this industry for. To make great beer

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