Craft Beer Consumers Purchasing Behavior – How do they think?

Craft Beer Consumers Purchasing Behavior – How do they think?

A current Nielsen survey aimed at “getting in the minds of craft beer consumers” was discussed during today’s Machines Connection Power Hour conference call.

The 20-instant online “Craft Beer Insights Poll (CIP),” designed in conjunction with the BA and conducted in late May, interviewed more than 1000 drinkers and separated respondents into two organizations: weekly craft beer drinkers and “less-than-weekly” lovers.

In line with the ballot, craft beer is drunk by at least 58 percent of those surveyed at least one time weekly. More than 25 percent participants drink craft beer several times each week, Nielsen found. The other 42 percent of questionnaire respondents were defined as “less-than- consumers.

Does “Craft” Matter?

52 percent of most respondents regarded alcohol a using the information “craft.” That’s when compared with merely 25-percent for less than 10 percent for items like caffeine, juice, and chocolate, 20-percent and tones.

In trying an alcoholic drink item That’s significant since, as Nielsen discovered, the term “craft” affects a consumer’s interest. Over 50 percent of these who consume craft beer explained they would be more enthusiastic about seeking an alcoholic drink product called “craft.” Somewhat, the exact same portion of respondents identified in the study as “regular” liquor drinkers (not only craft beer consumers) mentioned the term “craft” did not influence their conclusion to use a new solution.

Likewise, a large number of participants in both groups associate terms like “small & ” Nielsen located, impartial , portion manufacturing, “handcrafted and ”,” using the term “craft. 30-percent of art beer lovers also relate the word “quality

Purchasing Behavior:

Craft Beer Nerds

When selecting which art beers to purchase 52 percent of legal drinking age people who drink alcohol, wine and tones, explained regional production is at least “somewhat important”. 23 percent of these respondents said being locally-made mattered once they bought spirits.

Additionally, other adult drinks are often drunk by an incredible amount of “craft beer drinkers”. 90 percent said they also consume beer that was imported; 80-percent claimed they drink wine and tones; 78 percent said they drink domestic low-craft beer. 42 percent of study participants mentioned they also consume hard cider and flavorful malt beverages .

44 percent of standard craft beer drinkers stated they are drinking more craft beer than they did previous year and, despite ongoing progress for tones, 30-percent of art beer consumers claimed these actually drank less spirits in comparison to this past year.

On average, art beer lovers obtain 3.6 brands each month, according to the survey. 15-percent of respondents also said they acquire 10 or more brands monthly.

When selecting which craft beer to buy, 99 percent of participants stated taste was not unimportant; 94 percent claimed freshness was not unimportant and 79 percent said aroma was a factor within the purchasing decision.

When creating purchasing decision on-premise 73 percent of hobby lovers surveyed, said obtaining the beer was not unimportant. 71 percent of customers mentioned price was an issue; 64 percent said product knowledge was significant and 67 percent mentioned local generation as being imported.


According Nielsen, convenience stores are still the largest retail chance for art to. Hobby is just 5 percent of complete beer money income in c stores, in comparison with 20-percent within the grocery station. It’s also the rising route, up 21 percent year-todate.

Since most c-stores function in small-footprint, test possibilities and single serve packages are tips to craft’s probable achievement. Breweries may also operate to produce a “craft destination” with display space that is comfortable.

95 percent of weekly craft beer drinkers eat their expenditures at a friend’s household or at home, according to the review. More than 80 percent purchase art alcohol while eating dinner out in a cafe or drinking with pals at the clubhouse. But when they attend sports, craft will be purchased by only 50 percent of weekly craft beer drinkers, a location Nielsen considers as an opportunity for small brewers.

Eventually, 61 percent of respondents mentioned after visiting the brewery they’d acquire more of the art brewers’ products.

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