Buy Gluten Free Beer Online

Buy Gluten Free Beer Online

Now-a-days it seems as if a lot more people are becoming more aware of what people with Celiac Disease have to go through….. and the fact that it is almost impossible to find great tasting gluten free and/or celiac safe craft beer. Well, do we have some amazing news for you, we have partnered up with one of the leading craft breweries spearheading making amazing craft beer that is celiac safe. That brewery partner is, Duck Foot Brewing, located in sunny San Diego, CA. Duck Foot Brewing will now allow you to buy gluten free beer online right from their brewery!

Buy gluten free beer online

How it works gluten free beer works

Run, gluten, run! Yeah, people are freaking out about gluten and we get it; it’s hard to digest. But we like beer! Give us beer! Duck Foot Brewing Company uses a natural enzyme to break down the proteins in gluten, making it digestible to most people who are sensitive to gluten; even those with Celiac disease, like our co-founder, Matt.

Extensive — like lots and lots of — testing shows that this enzyme reduces the gluten content in beer to undetectable amounts (0-5 ppm) and the FDA considers a food gluten-free if it falls below 20 ppm, so drink away, friends. And note: this enzyme is flavorless and odorless, but clearly not useless. It doesn’t affect the way our beer tastes. – says Duck Foot Brewing

How can you Buy Gluten Free Beer Online?

The Beer Connect offers a unique first of its kind platform which allows you to purchase your favorite craft beer right from the brewery and have it shipped to your door. All you need to do is click the image below, find your favorite gluten free beer and place your order. The brewery will then package it up and ship it right to your door! So, shop around and buy gluten free beer online and have it shipped to your home.

buy gluten free beer online

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