Eastlake Craft Brewery Beer Now Available Online

Eastlake Craft Brewery Beer Now Available Online

Buy Eastlake Craft Brewery Beer Online

Eastlake Craft Brewery brews both post-modern American and traditional European beers. Located in Midtown Global Market, in the southeast corner of Minneapolis, Minnesota they are offering some amazing variations of IPA’s, Ales, and Lagers.

Here is some of what they are brewing and what they have available to buy online now:

Shoot From The Hip Belgian IPA
Sometimes it doesn’t matter who shot first. Straight-shootin’ gunslingers like us tend to talk ourselves into trouble. Guava, passionfruit, and lychee hop aroma are all over this one. Medium-dark caramel malt keeps things sweet enough to knock out the bitterness, while the Belgian yeast leaves the finish dry.

Pairings: Lamb curry, pad thai, aged gouda

Mud In Your Eye American Brown Ale
Biscuity hazelnut races past licorice caramel on the copper cobblestone road of sweetness and leaves you in the dust. The subtle floral hop presence from Willamette hops keeps the rubber side on the road. Here’s mud in your eye.

Pairings: Pork tamales, fish & chips, sharp cheddar

Blueliner Pale Ale
Blueliner is the pale ale made for the longer shifts. For those who playwith confidence at both ends of the ice. Simcoe hops go hard to the net with big-time piney apricot aroma, but the real yeoman’s work is a peachy citrus assist from Palisade. Go wild.

Pairings: curry, pork loin torta, chicken tinga, smoked cheddar

Nicollet Mauler Black IPA
Our bellwether brew is a hopped-up malty maelstrom of licorice, caramel, cacao, pine, tropical fruit, and floral aroma. Anything and everything goes, and there are no wrong answers. Take a step back, let it overcome your senses, and always remember: Maulers Gonna Maul.

Pairings: bacon cheeseburger, carne asada, 8-year cheddar

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