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Barrelhouse Brewing

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Barrelhouse Brewing Company

Jason Carvalho, Owner/President, said, “Our brewing team has only as much experience making wine as they do brewing beer. Our teams strategy to brewing lends to unbelievable barrel, balanced portfolio beers and unique endeavors both non- sour and bitter. The extensive distribution experience and dedication to quality craft beer of the Beer Connect makes them an excellent partner to help us deliver our beer fresh throughout southern California.”

Chris young, said, “Barrelhouse is continuing the wonderful tradition of brewing handcraftedCalifornian beer. We’re glad they are helping us meet our retailers, and their consumers, demand for locally sourced top-quality beer.”

Buy Barrelhouse beer Co. is located in Paso Robles, CA. Founded by cousins and Co-owners Jason Carvalho and Kevin Nickell in 2011 and joined by longtime friend Chris Vaughn who’d been brewing with the team since their early recipe development periods in Carvalho’s garage in 2013. Since then the team of craftsman including Brewer/Basement Master, Lead Brewer Mathew Jacobs, and Head Brewer George Numair Gavin Warnock have been pushing the bounds of beer. Their focus is on distinctive, drinkable beers with a continuous flow of small batch jobs.

These unique, balanced sour endeavors are the perfect union of wine and beer making techniques that have been in use for thousands of years.

About Barrelhouse Brewing Co.

Barrelhouse Brewing Co. is located in Paso Robles, CA, just minutes off the 101. To find out more go to or stop by their taproom in Paso Robles, CA and treat yourself to a flavorful lineup of well-made craft beers while relaxing in the exceptional half-acre beer garden with its rushing waterfall, live music and friendly folks.

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